Just For A Second

Just For A Second

By now, most of you have a pretty good idea of where I’m coming from when I post my blogs. I am certainly not trying to proselytize or convince anyone of anything—just trying to share an idea. The idea is forgiveness. A different kind of forgiveness. That’s the theme of this blog, my interviews, presentations and my book (How To Stop The World And Get Off, Just For A Minute—available now at at Amazon, Smashwords and at http://www.vwspeaker.com!). Okay, sorry for the commercial. Let’s move on. The challenge of making regular postings is in couching the message of forgiveness in a way that doesnt hit people over the head or make them think they are being lectured to. Because that is certainly not my intent. The intent, again, is only to share an idea, for your consideration, or not.

I am fortunate that I get a lot of calls from friends who read this blog, and sometimes, even from my mother. They all ask me why I don’t post more often. The reasons I give are always my busy work and travel schedule. But, that isn’t the whole truth. The truth is, my schedule doesn’t matter. When you really want to do something, you find a way to do it. Thats the bottom line. So I had to dig a little deeper and be honest with myself as to why it seems to take so long between posts. Its sort of like taking good medicine, its not that easy, its kind of uncomfortable, but you really do feel a lot better later on. More on this a little later.

Last week, I was in Los Angeles, where I sat through a presentation by Arthur Laffer. Dr. Laffer is a Yale and Harvard educated economist, adviser to Nixon, Ford and Bush 41, and is the father of the famed Laffer Curve. Now, I have met Dr. Laffer on several occasions over the past 10 years at various venues, and, of course, I made no lasting impression on him. Last week, he didn’t remember me from Adam. But, that didn’t deter me.

Dr. Laffer made a presentation on the state of the US economy, political system and outlook for the future that I did not agree with, strongly. I won’t talk about Dr. Laffer’s positions nor mine, as those specifics are not necessary and I don’t want to sway anybody’s opinions to either side. But, there were sides. My reaction to Dr. Laffer’s presentation was, to me, surprisingly visceral. It doesn’t matter what he said. It matters that I reacted as though he could have a real effect on me. And react I did, purely from the ego—letting him know I had an economics degree and could read GDP quarterly reports just like him. It wasn’t as vitriolic as the current dialogue in Washington, but it was uncomfortable—for both of us. Just for a second, I forgot who I really was, and all it did was make me upset. It disturbed my own peace. Man, this remembering who and what I really am takes some effort.

The point of forgiveness, true forgiveness, is to remember our true nature. And that true nature is spirit, which cannot attack nor be attacked. Its hard to remember sometimes. But every time we do remember, and every time we remember that person did not really do anything to our true nature and then forgive, we get just a little bit closer to remembering who we are. So, I forgave the dialogue that Dr. Laffer and I had. It had no real effect on me—not on my true nature. I didn’t forgive immediately, but I did forgive. And I calmed down and felt peace. And that brings me back to being honest with myself.

The truth is, the real reason it has taken so long between postings, is that I haven’t wanted to offend anyone or put some ideas out there that may be uncomfortable for some people. At least, I haven’t wanted to make some points that couldn’t be done so without kit gloves. But, now I have a Bloody Mary and I am sitting at the pool deck of Ian Schrager’s latest hotel in Honolulu. And folks, here comes the truth, or a least a true question, just for a second. It comes from A Course In Miracles.

What if you recognized this world is an hallucination? What if you really understood you made it up? What if you realized that those who seem to walk about in it, to sin and die, attack and murder and destroy themselves, are wholly unreal?

What if there were no need for sacrifice or guilt of any kind?

In this context, the questions do not presuppose the answer. Just focus on the question, what if… What would you do if your recognition was such? Would you let the craziness of the world have an effect on you or would you recognize what is true and what is false? Does that sound familiar? Those questions are the truth about the underlying messages of this blog and finding a way to properly present them is what causes me to delay postings on a more regular basis, until now.

As you decide if you will contemplate or dismiss those questions, let me ask you one more. Would you be willing to admit that there is, at least, the possibility that you may not know for sure? Just for a second?

See you next time.


About vwspeaker

Vincent Williams is an author, speaker, and seminar leader. He was raised in Florida, where the warm nights afforded him plenty of opportunities to wonder if the universe was just an illusion. He lives with his wife and three children outside of Chicago, IL
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