They Ate My Hamburgers, Pt 2

They Ate My Hamburgers, pt. 2

It would be years later that their eating my hamburgers would start to eat away at me.  At the time, I really didn’t dwell on it.  It’s not that it didn’t bother me that my burgers were eaten right away and that I didn’t have anything to show for my work. It’s just that I was preoccupied with girls, sports, college applications and girls to really pay much attention. But after those years passed, it indeed, ate away at me.  I wanted something that lasted.  I wanted to do something that had a purpose. I didn’t want to die without having done something that was recognized. I thought that was important.  What I didn’t know was it was part of an ancient longing and desire to be an individual, to be separate from everyone else.  I wanted to count, I wanted to be important. I wanted to be special.

That is the thinking of this world.  Everybody is special and everyone should make his or her own mark on the world.  Everyone should find their own niche and special place in the world.  Now, I am not here to refute our innate desire to be special at all.  What I am here to do is point out there is a different way of looking at this whole thing.

The reason we all want to be special and why I was upset over the eating of my hamburgers is because we want our individuality to last.  We want it to survive and endure for all time.  We believe we are self contained self important individuals, separate from each other and from everything else in the universe. Now, I am not asking you to deceive yourself and not see yourself as a separate human being.  I’m only asking you to consider for a second, your true nature, which is spirit.  Spirit is all connected, with every other living thing.  It is not separate and neither are its interests.  There is no conflict with spirit, because it is all the same. That is our true nature, though for the moment, we are having a local experience.

The unending, unyielding and unrelenting desire to accent our individuality has to result in conflict.  There is just so much of the pie.  But if we look at the pie from a different perspective–just for a second–we can see that it is unlimited, and some for some is some for all.  And so, it wasn’t so important to me that they ate my hamburgers.  I was glad they were enjoyed. It’s not that way every day, but when I see myself getting too carried away with angst and anxiety and disappointment that I’m not making my mark, I try to think, just for a second, about my true nature. And it doesn’t bother me that they ate my hamburgers. At least, not so much.

My Summer Project

I haven’t started, but I will, tomorrow.  I will start by googling some contact information of lost friends and making phone calls.  Check back later in the week for progress


It is a work in progress, but it is up and running.  The address is  Please check it out and give me your comments. You can contact me directly at


About vwspeaker

Vincent Williams is an author, speaker, and seminar leader. He was raised in Florida, where the warm nights afforded him plenty of opportunities to wonder if the universe was just an illusion. He lives with his wife and three children outside of Chicago, IL
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